Hounds We Love - Dog Walking & Training in Hackney

How does it work?

Step One - Initial Assessment

We’ll need information about your dog’s background and their problem behaviours to help us understand the cause of the problem/s. We’ll forward you a behavioural assessment to be complete.

To help provide us with a further insight into your dog’s rhythms and routines, we will require 5-6 short film clips of your dog’s daily highlights over a couple of days.

Finally, if your dog/s have not visited the vet within the last 6 months, we require that they have a full health check. This is to rule out the possibility of any underlying health condition/s affecting your dog’s behaviour. We are happy to liaise directly with your vet if helpful.

Step Two – Session One

Once your dog’s initial assessment is completed, we can commence our first training session. The purpose of this session to us to discuss and agree our training plan. We will teach you how to train any behaviours that would be helpful and strategies to assist you in managing your dog’s undesirable behaviours. We may also have some further questions based on your questionnaire responses.

We will ask you to provide us short videos of your training and we will keep in regular contact regarding your dog’s progress.

Step Three – Session Two

Our 2nd session will be approximately two weeks later. We will review your dog’s progress and continue with any training required. Where appropriate we may explore a treatment plan to modify your dog’s behaviour. Following our second session we will provide you with a written behavioural assessment and recommendations.

The cost of this 3-step package is £125.

Follow up sessions

The number of hourly follow up sessions will depend upon the nature of the behavioural problem/s and your overall aims. Modifying a dog’s behaviour can take time, patience, and determination. We can guide you through the process and be available via phone, text and email to offer any additional support you may require.

Follow up sessions cost £60 each. A block of four follow up sessions can be purchased for £180.

How long will it take?

It’s impossible for predict how long it might take and we are unable to offer any guarantees. Our clients often notice significant improvements following the first session. Moving forward, lots of practise and consistency make a huge difference.

Please contact us for further information.

Kevin and his wife, Angelita, inspire absolute confidence. I had no worries at all about leaving my fox terrier, Teddy, in their capable hands for the weekend and I will definitely be using their service again.


30th April 2017