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Why socialise?

Puppies of approximately 3 to 16 weeks of age are within the most important developmental stages of their life, their ‘puppy socialisation window’. During this time your puppy’s brain is uniquely able to form new neurological connections which will guide them later in life when deciding whether or not they are safe with everything they encounter in life.

There are many other factors that have a significant influence upon your puppy: these include genetics, the level of stress their mother endures during and after pregnancy, untreated or undiagnosed pain, current environment and past learning; however the difference between puppies who did not receive socialisation within this window vs similar puppies in similar environments who did is drastic and has been well documented in scientific literature.

What we offer

We currently offer a puppy socialisation course, consisting of four weekly group socialisation sessions, each lasting 40 minutes. The sessions aim to provide appropriate and healthy opportunities for your puppy to be socialised, including inter puppy play, sounds, textures, and objects. We will provide you with advice and guidance regarding approaches to socialisation within an urban environment, in addition to other contexts, such as around livestock and horses.

Your puppy will require its second vaccination to participate.

Please contact us for further information.

The training sessions with Kevin were very fun for my sister and I as well as our dog (Thor). Before the lessons Thor was often excited, could be disobedient, didn’t always understand what to do and had problems with patience. Kevin never had any problems to find ways to train Thor that meant he was having fun and being obedient. Kevin was very friendly, and my sister and I never felt embarrassed about getting anything wrong. Both of our dogs love his training and he has helped us so much. I would highly recommend these sessions!!

E & P (10 &13 years old)

August 2020